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What type of Pit Bull owner are you? | 365 Fury

What type of Pit Bull owner are you? | 365 Fury

Have you ever wondered if you were "good enough" at training and taking care of your Pit Bull? Well, the truth is, there is really no "right" or "wrong" way to train your Pitties or how to become a perfect Pit Bull Owner! However, the way you treat and handle your dog(s) in general and Pit Bull, in particular, reflects upon you as a person. Of course, not all dog owners or Pit Bull owners are alike so this blog is just a list that contains some kinds of Pitties owners.

(*)It is not based on any scientific study whatsoever and is intended for fun only so do not treat it too seriously.

What owning a Pitbull say about you?

Dogs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, as well as temperaments. Many studies have been conducted to provide that your dog breed choice reveals a lot about your personality, home, and career.  
Greyhounds owners are independent, strong and sometimes quiet. In contrast, Corgi worshippers are incredibly social creatures. They tend to be extroverts that would like to stand out and to get attention from others. Owners of terriers dog breed are known to be flexible and capable of focusing on the task at hand. 
So what your Pitbull say about you? How similar to your Pitties do you think you are? Didn't you think your love of Pit Bulls actually said something about you? Well, it does. 
In fact, a Pit Bull is not a breed. It is a type of dog and is one of the so-called bully breeds, frequently referred to as a pit bull. Pitties were created by breeding Bulldogs with Terriers to generate a dog with the agility of the terrier and the incredible strength of the Bull Dog. That's the reason why Pit Bulls have some different specific personality traits. 
Here we have a list of some common Pitbull characteristics and how they affect a Pitbull owner and what they say about Pitbull Parents' insight:

1. Protectiveness

If you have a Pit Bull in your house, this protective dog will not let anything threaten or happen to your kids, your home or you. From the moment you bring him home, these giant loyal cuddlers will love you unconditionally and protect your family and you. Pit Bulls are your heroes that have fur. This personality of Pit Bulls takes on the same traits as their owners, who are also watchful, vigilant, and have a strong feeling of protective affection. Owners of Pit Bulls would do anything for their friends and family, and their dog(s) and become the most loyal companions of those they love and want to protect. Owners have to cope with the stereotypes and preconceptions of their loved Pitties. They should recognize and deal with their Pit Bull's attributes and faults. They should devote a lot of time, energy, and affection to your Pitty dog. They shouldn't mind receiving a lot of attention from others, both good and negative about their buddies. The Pitbull owners should also not mind having their life restricted due to breed-specific legislation or other factors.

2. Sensitiveness

Pitties are huge cuddlers on the outside, but on the inside, they have a delicate and sensitive spirit. Separation anxiety is more common in these sensitive Pit dogs. As a pit bull owner, sometimes you have to learn to accept the occasional damage of personal property. So what if sometimes my stuff is chewed on, you can’t be mad at that lovely tilting head! They know that when they make the manipulation faces you can not say no to their demands, and that’s just how they roll. Pit Bull Owners are tough on the outside, but a total soft marshmallow on the inside. They're not a pushover, and some would even say they have a stubborn streak. But in the end, they are the nicest, the sweetest, and the most loving person - and a bit goofy when they're around those they care about the most. 

3. Intensity

Pit Bulls look intense and that's the reason why people are scared of them. The incredible strength runs on their veins. The owners of Pitties have to be strong and tenacious to control their dogs on the streets and to train them. Pit Bulls love the outdoors and are very athletic by nature.  These dogs are highly energetic and their owners enjoy strenuous activities such as all-day hiking and extreme sports. If they are not exposed to new experiences, they might become quickly bored. Owners of Pit Bull are full of vitality and courageousness. They enjoy spending time with children and make wonderful parents and grandparents. A Pitbull is one of the best babysitters in the world and Pitbull owners should be regarded as the greatest parents in the world.

4. Competitiveness

Your Pitbull demands that you bring him a game and you should bring it right at that moment. They are competitive and watching your loved Pit Bull playing is funny and relaxed even your fur-buddy is not going to go easy on you for even a second. These dogs don't like to be wrong. If your Pitbull believes you have mistreated it, it will let you know. Pitbull owners are competitive, especially when it comes to a sports match or an argument. They respect and lives the truth (the right) and those who tell the truth no matter how hard it is. With their bravery and competitiveness, Pit Bull Owners have the mental strength to face up every danger, fear, judgment, and difficulty of owning a Pit Bull. 

5. Tolerance

Pit Bull Owners tend to be friendly and accepting people. They can handle the stereotypes of their loved Pitties which means Pit Bull lovers are kind of empathetic and open-minded. They tend to appear easy-going (chill) and relaxed in social situations, and always turn the mode "I don't mind what you're saying" on. In addition, as the result of being even-tempered, some Pit Bull lovers can be creative and confident in themselves. 

6. Humor

Pit Bulls are known for their rough looks and have mastered the stare-down. Most of them use this tough face appearance to convince you something. But sometimes, Pitties turn out as comical dogs just like Pugs. They will use their stupid but cute, athletic antics, and super huge, goofy grins to make you LOL’ing. Most Pit Lovers are said to have a good sense of humor and they are energetic, fun-loving, and playful companions. Even your family and your friend are cheerful with your jokes, your antics do not amuse your Pit Bull. Whenever your Pitty is a bit confused by your antics, he will use his perfect head tilt.

6 Types Of Pitbull Owner

1. The Authority

You're together with your dog(s) all day long, and you're always keeping an eye on them, sometimes, in a strict way! You follow a very strict and specific training routine for your fur-buddies. You have complete control over your dog and make sure that he/she always obeys your commands. There is no space for misbehavior, no "wiggle room" for your dog(s) in your own house. You would love to be the one in charge and enjoy spending long hours working forcefully with your four-legged friends.

While your ability to lead is admirable, remember that dogs or pets, in particular, have the same need as humans. Your dog also needs enough free space and time to play and do whatever a dog always does.


Ensure that your dog has some freedom and time to play so that stress does not build up and create a frustrated dog! Animals need a break just like humans. Blog

2. The Spoiler

Don't deny it: you adore your Pit Bull too much! You treat your Pit-buddy by buying lovely little costumes for them to wear, snuggling them up in blankets, and spending $40 on dog collars with their name engraved on them! You're always wondering about other people's dogs and asking about their names and breed! You're such a crazy dog mom or dad, but you don't actually get the point of "sit means sit!" and become an obedient Pitbull trainer. You simply can't resist when your Pitbull dog gives you the "Pleaseee no..." look! You're naturally loving and gentle, and it's difficult for you to raise your voice, especially around your four-legged babies! But keep in mind that Pit Bull or Dogs or Pets are not people and should not be treated like one! You'll accidentally spoil them. 

Just because we can use pressure with a dog doesn’t mean we should rely on it. Blog

3. The Equilibrium

You don't want to tell other dog owners how to raise their pets in the right way, but you can't stop yourself! You're well-educated to train a dog and you're so proud of it! You easily get irritated when you notice someone has a fault training method for his dog. You schedule "playtime" and "work time" with your Pit Bull, feed them and do exercise with them, and train them with love, commitment, and care. Therefore, your Pitbull is healthy, happy, and confident, and he regards you as his dad(mom), his friend, his leader, and his soul-mate! 

Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen. Blog


4. The Simple-minded

To be honest, training your Pit Bull to sit, stay or roll over is not the thing you are concerned about. You don't know why people would want to teach their dogs tricks. You and your dog have different lives. You don't have time to walk your dog every day, and you don't want to walk them anyways. You don't understand why people put strict and specific schedules and training routines on their dogs. You feel that dogs should be allowed to do anything they want and have free space and time to play. Although it's great to let your dog have day-off and independent time, you need to keep your eyes on them when needed and teach them how to behave well to avoid their developing bad behavioral problems, especially Pit Bulls. They have incredible strength in their veins.

Being a dog owner often means so much more than just being responsible for a pet.  Dogs are our best friends and our guides.


5. The Powerful Advocate for Pit Bulls

Despite hearing all the stereotypes that Pit Bulls are dangerous and vicious, born to fight and don’t adopt a Pitbull or let it near your children, you never mind saying out loud and proud “I love Pit Bulls”  by using so much proof to promote Pitties as the wonderful family companions they can be. You try your best to make your Pitties well-trained and well-socialized. Some Pitbull advocates find ways to get them in therapy places like schools, hospitals, and nursing homes, which is one of the best ways to promote these Pit Bulls’ lovebug potential. You're always the most active member of any Pit Bulls Lovers community and you have a wardrobe full of Pit Bull clothes. 

Cowardly People Fight Me Courageous People Fight For Me Pit bull Blog


6. The "I Have Too Many Pit Bulls" Owner

You're definitely the Angelina Jolie of Pit Bull owners with a bleeding heart. You cannot deny adopting a Pit Bull baby when hearing an ASPCA commercial or seeing a Pitbull adoption post on social media. You enjoy your job fostering dogs, taking in strays, and rescuing anything that barks, especially Pitbull. If anyone wants a Pitbull puppy fix, all they need to do is go to your house and they can find an adorable pup to snuggle with.

If someone tells you that you have too many dogs, stop talking to them.

Famous Pit Bull Owners

Throughout history, many of the rich and famous have been proud owners of a Pit Bull. They are scientist, authors, athletes, actors and even former presidents of the United States.


Famous Pit Bull Owners 365fury Blog
Famous Holywood Pit Bull Owners 365fury Blog

Don’t you believe Pit Bulls have a huge fan group full of Hollywood stars? Look how these celebs adore their loved Pitties. Maybe you know these names: Kaley Cuoco, Jessica Alba (her Pitty baby's name is Bowie, after musician David Bowie), Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel, Rachel Bilson, Katherine Heigl (she has always been a long-time animal supporter), Alicia Silverstone, Marc Jacobs, Jon Stewart, Sophia Bush (she adopted a Pit Bull puppy in 2012), Gisele and Tom Brady, Josh Hutcherson (he adopted a three-month-old Pit Bull puppy named Driver), Liam Hemsworth , Malcolm Jamal Warner, Amanda Lewis, Amy Jo Johnson, Mary Tyler Moore, Channing Tatum, Miranda Lambert, Betty White, Stephan Jenkins, Rosie Perez, etc...

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