About Us

Big, small, fluffy, furry, smooth, soft, sleek, snuggly or cuddly, Dogs and Cats come in all shapes and sizes. No matter how they look, there’s no denying that fur-buddies are some of the best companions any human can have.

Dogs bring joy and love to any home and their unconditional love gives warmth and comfort to the weary soul, and their unflinching tenacity is an inspiration. Unlike Dogs, Cats descend from antisocial ancestors and are known as mysterious, simultaneously affectionate and self-reliant, professional human emotion readers.

After all, Cats and Dogs got strongly bonded with humans and created an infinite true friendship with us a long time ago.

365fury - Shine out your Personal Connection with your Four Legged Best Friends

You may not be able to take your pets everywhere you go and cuddle with them whenever, wherever, but you can bring something to remind you of them.

Personalized products like a basic customized T-shirt can help but 365fury will be one of the best choices because here we have:

  • A wide range of products, various sizes and multi-colors with unique features with 2000+ self-custom designs to allow that strong personal love connection to your fur-babies. 
  • 200+ Fur-babies with full breeds list including puppies and adult mature pets.
  • 2000+gifts choices suit every occasion whether it is Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, 4th July, Halloween, Christmas, a birthday bash, or any other event.

365fury - Happy Owners, Happy Pets

People everywhere are creating their businesses and they mostly focus on profit and how to sell more. But we, the 365fury team with our own years as dog and cat parents, know that “Happy Owners Make Happy Pets”. 

Instead of making every dog and cat all over the world happy, 365fury hopes that we can make as many pet owners on that planet happy as possible. What we do in 365fury:
  • Focus on Quality, not Quantity. We try to create every single product that represents 365fury with iconic designs, carefully selected materials and color. 
  • Care for Customer Health. Healthy Owners Make Healthy Pets. All our products are certified to worldwide quality, health and safety standards. 
    • Treat every Client like Family365fury knows that “Customer service is not a department, it’s an attitude” so we always listen to our customers. Full support is provided until you are 100% satisfied with your items.
    • Wait for Customers - DO NOT Let Customers Wait. We live in a fast-paced world so we don’t want our customers to experience long waiting times. We always upgrade our website for you to make order(s) faster and easier. 365fury customer service team stay online 24/7 and they’d love to hear any question or demand from you any time through: cs@365fury.com
      • Select the Best International Shipping Carriers. We cooperate with the best international and domestic shipping carriers to provide you with the best shipping experience and happy shopping hour. In spite of the global impacts of COVID-19, we try our best to deliver item(s) to you asap. Besides, we always offer Free Shipping Promotions for customers. 

      365fury - Happy Customers Make Happy 365fury

      Even during the gloomiest days, all we need is some words of cherish, inspiration and kindness from our loyal customers to remind you why we do what we do. After all, a happy employee of 365fury makes for a happier customer, vice versa, a happy customer brightens a whole day of 365fury team.

      Overall, together we make a more positive interaction. 

      There're lots of choices out there but they singled us out and it means so much. We just want to express how much we appreciate our customers’ business.


      Headquartered at 24-26, Arcadia Avenue, Dephna House #105, London, Greater London, N3 2JU, UNITED KINGDOM.
      Our designer team is located at GoldSilk Complex - 430 Van Phuc, Ha Dong, Ha Dong, Ha Noi.
      US Address : 365fury, 2167 Stringtown Rd ATMB Unit #517 Grove City, OH 43123.
      Customer Support Email: cs@365fury.com
      Support Time: Mon - Fri: 9AM-5PM EST